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Welcome to Black Piece of the Brain.

Come and Join the Fun!

Okay, I'm going to dare and be just a tad different. I've been noticing a lot of Methos frus around the brain and someone was feeling just a little left out...and you know you don't want to get on his bad side.

Come and see some Black Brain's pictures.

So what do you want to know?

I'm Black Brain and I'm Keeper of the Guillotine, it was a present I gave to Dunkie for his birthday, but he didn't appreciate it much. Don't know why?

Well a little about myself, I'm a Highlander fan (well duh!). I haven't been around in fandom that long, but I've thrown myself into it totally, as you might be able to tell from my website, K'Immortal Beloved a haven for all those wicked K'Immies. I've also written a couple pieces of fanfic and I'm always working on another, you can check out some of my stuff at Daire's Fanfic Refuge.

I have to admit that Kronos is my favourite Immortal dude, he's just so deliciously wicked, but I do like the ROG too...he's just too cute not to love (even though he did betray his brothers).

I belong to a few other clans :

BABE (Bronze Age Bunch Entourage) - Clan hairstylist
MacMINT (cell #63) - Buffer and waxer of Methos' Jimmy
Klan Denial - He Ducked!!
I'm also one of Kronos' Guardian Angels
And I adopted his Bronze Age Hair

About Me

On a more personal basis, I'm 31, but an 18 year old at heart. I was born in England not far north of London, I married a member of the US Air Force. We've lived in a few different places around the states, Lubbock, TX; Las Vegas, NV (nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there for 3 years) and now northern California. I've got two sons, ages 4 and 9 and can't wait till they're grown up and out of the house (just kidding!! Geez). I'm currently going back to school and pursuing a degree in history, with the aim of eventually becoming a teacher. There's not much else to say, well there is, but I'm not telling.

My other obsession, apart from Highlander, is Sean Bean. He's most well known for his roles in Goldeneye, Patriot Games and Sharpe. And he is a GOD! Well okay he's not, he's just a regular lad from Yorkshire, but he's definitely divine!! I've a website devoted to him, where me and a friend have reviewed many of his films, if you like him there's plenty more frus of him over at Sharpe's 7 as well as a small fanfic archive and a small corner dedicated to my favourite sci-fi show, Blake's 7.

Well that's about all for now! Hope you've enjoyed your visit!!